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Innovision Inc. accepts search assignments for executives, sales, sales support, marketing and technical professionals in the rapidly growing industries of Enterprise Technology & Applications, Telecom & IP Telephony, Data Warehousing.


Candidate Attraction : Successful candidate attraction is a combination of the existing databases, extensive head hunting, local market knowledge and specialist expertise. Innovision Inc. uses a combination of general candidate attraction marketing campaigns and client-specific initiatives.

Internet Job boards : All of Innovision Inc.'s vacancies are advertised on its job boards which is exclusive to Innovision Inc. In addition, individual campaigns are run with other recognized Job boards.

Print Advertising : Online Advertising - In addition to using a variety of Internet Job boards, Innovision Inc. uses other forms of online advertising such as banner advertising and search engine listings.

Custom Campaigns : We regularly work with our client's on custom advertising campaigns. This approach offers the best of both worlds, combining the power and attraction of the client's brand with the recruitment expertise of Innovision Inc.  Our Contact Centre manages advertising response, sends communications to applicants and arranges assessment days/interviews.

Local Advertising : Our extensive Branch network gives us unparalleled local knowledge. We use this knowledge to target and attract candidates at local, regional and national levels. Locally, we use all forms of advertising, including flyers and posters at stations, doctor's surgeries, leisure centers etc, local newspapers, bus shelter advertising, sponsorship of local events and attendance at local recruitment fairs.


Identify and confirm the sources using database and network of contacts, identify prospective candidates, including internally sourced, screen and evaluate the candidates. Short list the candidates background profiles to send to client, review the profiles and take a feedback.

Interviews: Facilitate client interviews of candidate and obtain feedback from client and candidate, conduct reference checks, prepare detailed profiles and evaluation reports on each candidate's strengths and weaknesses, select finalists to be interviewed and take feedback from the client.

Select Executive: Conduct finalist interviews, negotiate salary and benefits and take feedback.

Follow Up: Make sure the transition is smooth for the candidate, ensure client satisfaction and take feedback.

Referral Checks: Subordinate / Superior through direct contact or a telephone call.


Over the past four years, we have built up a large database of aspirants who have been networked and sourced through ads, media contact and other exercises. We shortlist the probable candidates from this database.

Head hunt: Broadly the methodology for headhunting would be: From the information gathered through research and that furnished by the client, we identify organizations / centers that are most likely to have the talent being sourced. We map the organizations / centers selected and identify probable candidates. Talk to them, and bring them across to the clients.

Network: We have an active network of 25 people across the country that identify and source talent for us.


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